VoiceScript Technologies

Automated Multi-person, Multi-language Transcription Service

Here is a 4 minute, highly informative video on our company :

Please also see this short video on our services and capabilities:

High Level Architecture:
Please find a High Level Architecture diagram here. There is much more to the system, and this is an excellent conversation-starter to discuss implementing the system in your organisation;

Seeing is Believing:
Please click on this and download a direct example of our services. This is from a Police Interview. If you open the document in Adobe Acrobat, you will then be able to ‘hear’ the actual conversation by clicking on any of the text;

A very interesting article on how transcription of a multi-person meeting will be used for evidence in Court:

A link about the legal compliance to keep recorded calls and transcriptions (between two parties) related to Dodd Franks Legislation.  The VST system accommodates compliance to this by providing a digitised version of the discussion that may be indexed and searched:

Here is one sample output from our system:
It assembles the audio, metadata, entered data during an interview and notes added by the interviewer as well.  There are many configurable elements to the VST system – this is a small sampling of what we have to offer.:

VoiceScript Technologies – in 50 words or less:
A one page summary of our solution and capabilities.

VoiceScript Technologies – High Level Security Model:
A one page summary of various Security elements. This is a High-Level document and is created (purposely) to illustrate levels of Security – but no details on protocols, standards or techniques:

VoiceScript Technologies – A 1 Page Success Summary:
A one page summary of a customer success.  Learn how our customers are winning their Transformational Challenges!  The Digital Transformation of an expensive, error-prone manual process is easier, less expensive and quicker than you might think.Would you like to speak to us – or the Customer involved and learn how to achieve rapid results with low risks and low costs?

VoiceScript Technologies – Customer Presentation:
Sometimes an end-to-end discussion will yield unrealised benefits and highlight a path to your success that you were unaware of.  Let’s have that conversation.