VoiceScript Technologies

Automated Multi-person, Multi-language Transcription Service

As CEO you know... achieving growth, reducing cost & risk are tough.

Our patented Voice Communications Cloud Application does all three...

Three Easy Steps employed by banks and insurance firms today:

Step 1

  • Virtual-Server based call recording, 60% to 90% less costly than current processes. No infrastructure & low maintenance.
$ 0.001 /

Step 2

  • Data simultaneously recorded and digitized into fully interactive, indexed transcripts. Choose from 70+ languages with desired accurancy.
$ 0.035 /

Step 3

  • Upload Digitized data to your Analytical Engine and obtain Customer / Product intelligence. Increase Revenue, improve Customer Satisfaction and reduce Churn.
  • We eliminate 60%-90% of your current Call Center Recording costs
    a massive saving
  • We simultaneously Record and Digitize all Calls
    creating your own Digital Asset
  • You determine the Language and desired Accuracy options
    you control the costs
  • We upload to your Current Analytics Engine for analysis and Revenue Growth
    putting your people at the heart of your growth programs
  • You have no need for incremental equipment
    huge savings

About VoiceScript Technologies

Many Banks and Insurance companies today are already taking advantage of this new approach. VoiceScript Technologies Ltd (VST) is a software company that digitizes multi-person voice communications timely, accurately, inexpensively in over 70 languages. VST typically delivers its software via a secure cloud or on-premise and can scale / adapt to any environment.