VoiceScript Technologies

Automated Multi-person, Multi-language Transcription Service


How secure is it and will my transcriptions be protected?

The system is completely secure and conforms to existing data and file security protocols.

Automated transcription can be machine-to-machine along a secure channel – 100% secure.  In fact, the entire system can be hosted and managed from within the secure IT infrastructure of an organisation and the ‘recording’ units can be installed to your IT policies (by your own IT department).

If manual intervention is preferred.

In some situations, adding a manual review during processing is requried.  Manual intervention can be triggered by a set of conditions instead of being applied to all transcriptions.  One such trigger may be the accuracy of a small segment of the transcription (for example: one sentence in the middle of a long monologue). The VST system can score entire transcriptions and/or segments according to a set of accuracy thresholds, which can thereafter be used to determine workflow automation.  For example, the VST system may be instructed to extract a transcription segment that scores under 90% accuracy and send that segment to be reviewed manually.  Or, the VST can be instructed to send a transcription segment if it conforms to a predefined watch-list (for example: “I saw what looked like a bomb being loaded into the car”).

Reviewing segments can be accomplished in a number of approaches – depending upon your security requriements.  For example;

Application Hosting

Desktop Application

Secure Storage

Access to Servers / Transcription