VoiceScript Technologies

Automated Multi-person, Multi-language Transcription Service

Accuracy & Turnaround

How good and how quick?

Accuracy is a function of:

The VST solution easily integrates into pre-existing Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) systems – which are plentiful and already operate in a wide variety of languages and capacities. A number of robust ASR’s systems are available with preloaded local accents and ‘slang’ dictionaries.  Most ASR systems may be trained and improved upon by enabling a “correction feedback loop”; the net result is that your system will improve in accuracy as you continue to use it.

Accuracy can also be rapidly increased with samples of transcripts to perform word-count, language use and word combinations calculations. By scanning 1000s of pages of old interviews and extracting word use you can very easily and quickly pre-populate your ASR engine and increase its accuracy. Scanned documents can also help to create dictionaries and lexicons of phrases / acronyms / definitions used in your environment.

Our goal is to deliver 100% accurate transcripts and we will work with you to refine the system to meet your business requirements. Achieving your results is a combination of understanding your environment and employing the most appropriate combination of VST’s technology and capabilities.


Turnaround (Based on an average 30 minute interview)

Seeing is Believing:

Please click on this link and download a direct example of our services.  This is from a Police Interview.   If you open the document in Adobe Acrobat,  you will then be able to ‘hear’ the actual conversation by clicking on any of the text.