VoiceScript Technologies

Automated Multi-person, Multi-language Transcription Service

VoiceScript Technologies

Automated Multi-Person, Multi-Language Transcription Service

VoiceScript Technologies (VST) overcomes long-standing barriers to achieving automated transcriptions of multi-person conversations in a room or on the telephone; inexpensively, rapidly, accurately and in a variety of languages.

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VST has innovated, developed and Patented an automated solution to capture, segment, process and convert a multiperson conversation into a chronologically correct transcript.  VST accomplishes this, in 1:1 time (a 1-hour meeting is ready in about an hour). You can choose which document type you prefer (PDF, MS Word, Text, RTF or XML) and can even have the original voices from the conversation embedded for validation and verification purposes.

Our unique technology accommodates a variety of environments (meeting room, telephone calls, Call Centre) and works with non-proprietary equipment (so there is no long-term tie-in to a single vendor for equipment or ongoing expensive maintenance charges).

Enriched data and metadata is available to create dynamic indices (facilitates comprehensive Google Searching and Archival retrieval) and allows for advanced data analytics across a wide spectrum of programmatic domains.  In short:  our output becomes your legally compliant source of data AND input for your Analytics to increase revenue, reduce customer churn and improve your Customer Intelligence!


VST provides Large and Small businesses with outstanding operational benefits;


The solution provides all Businesses with: