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Automated Multi-person, Multi-language Transcription Service

At VoiceScript Technologies, we have long held the belief that transcribed Voice is a very valuable source of Data. Audio has long been considered a ‘dense’ data source and difficult to get at. Audio is not considered malleable or efficient because it was hard to get at, difficult to process and when processed, there are many data gaps and inaccuracies

VoiceScript Technologies does not believe these challenges are insurmountable. In fact, our services continue to create new sources of value for our customers and organisations around the globe: our mission is help businesses convert the operational expense of Voice Data into a searchable and indexable source of Customer Intelligence for our customers.
Many others agree :

Here is an article about the emerging value of transcription – especially on mobile telephones:

A very interesting article on how transcription of an multi-person meeting will be used for evidence in Court:

A link about the legal compliance to keep recorded calls and transcriptions (between two parties) related to Dodd Franks Legislation.  The VST system accommodates compliance to this by providing a digitised version of the discussion that may be indexed and searched:

New law in New York – all Police interrogations need to be recorded!  But, how do you index them, find comparable content?  Where can you analyse the interview lengths, people involved,  sentiment of the meeting and turn a recorded interview into an operational Asset?   Call us, we know the answers.

An excellent summary of Dodd Frank legislation and the benefits of using a VST-like system to capture & digitise and provide downstream search capabilities to reconstruct trades.

An extract from the page …It is almost impossible to search these records in an automated fashion. However it is quite possible to convert oral communication into text using voice to text transcription software …In addition this type of technology solution can be a building block solution to address other regulatory requirements – like Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT):